My Portfolio

I sometimes (most times) still get butterflies before I shoot! Don't be're going to be amazing and you'll see how effortless photoshoots can be. While your make up and hair are still perfectly how you intended, my sessions start with some simple, more "formal" poses, looking at the camera. Then we get into the lifestyle portion where your hair might be moving, you'll give some hugs, have some laughs, some tender moments and just overall have a memorable time. When you look back at your gallery, you'll once again feel those feelings from that moment in time.

In my portfolio, some sessions appear more light and airy and some more moody. Super sunny? Perfect, you'll get that warm sun flare! Overcast? Great, you'll get moody rich, cozy. Windy? Awesome, the wind in your hair and flowing dress will give your gallery life! I cannot control the environment but I can ensure your photos will have my signature look. All my galleries are edited with the same base preset. The difference is, say your nursery doesn't have natural light and is full of jewel tones (burnt orange, emerald green) your gallery will appear more moody than a nursery that has a large sunlit window with all whites and neutrals. You'll love them either way!